[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH 1/2] scripts/strip-kmod.sh: Replace legacy `` with $()

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Thanks for taking care of those issues.

Some comments for future submissions:
- Based on the submitting-patches rules the first word after the prefix in commit title has to be lower case (for this patch "Replace" -> "replace")
- If you change something in a target folder, the first prefix should be the name of the target ("mvebu:", "ramips:", etc.; not applicable to this patch). Maybe have a quick look at the relevant section of submitting-patches; I changed that manually when applying your last set of patches
- Even with simple changes like this one, it would be nice to have a one-sentence description _why_ they are needed.
- Finally, personally, I tend to prevent having special characters in the commit title. Thus, I would prefer using the word "backticks" instead of putting "``" directly into the commit title.


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