[OpenWrt-Devel] Sysupgrade possibly broken in recent development snapshots: "message": "Firmware image couldn't be validated"

Hannu Nyman hannu.nyman at welho.com
Sun Dec 29 06:39:26 EST 2019

 > The problem does not seem to be with the image - older builds upgrade to 
the same image just fine, but the recent ones seem to fail.
 > Example: taking the most recent rpi-4-squashfs-factory.img.gz from 
2019-12-28 and trying to upgrade to rpi-4-squashfs-sysupgrade.img.gz from the 
same date does fail as indicated above.

Pure guess, but your symptoms might be due to the broken ubus and/or libubox 
between 2019-12-26 and 2019-12-29.
(ubus was broken on 26th and was fixed on 28th, libubox was broken on 26th 
and was fixed on 29th evening)

As sysupgrade uses ubus messaging using blobmsg (from libubox) for image 
validation messaging, it is quite possible that your symptoms are caused by 
those. Your image of 28th has broken functionality.

I am not sure sure what is the easiest way to sysupgrade away from the broken 
Maybe using "sysupgrade -F"  (--force) to bypass validation?

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