[OpenWrt-Devel] sysupgrade image identification in brcm63xx

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I consider to do an image/DTS rename in brcm63xx target similar to what I did in ramips target, i.e.
- change image/Makefile device definitions to vendor_model names (based on compatible where possible)
- change DTS names to soc_vendor_model scheme
- use SOC variable for calculating DTS names
- get rid of additional board_name set in lib/brcm63xx.sh and use compatible-derived value instead for base-files.

What I do not understand yet is how sysupgrade works with this target: Normally, I would have expected a SUPPORTED_DEVICES variable set somewhere. However, I doesn't look like append-metadata is used there.

Can somebody explain to me how device identification in sysupgrade is done for brcm63xx so I can assess whether modernizing the target is possible/desirable?

Is somebody against doing those changes to the target in principle?


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