[OpenWrt-Devel] ubus and/or libubox upgrades today cause problems: some services do not start, logread hangs

Hannu Nyman hannu.nyman at welho.com
Thu Dec 26 15:37:31 EST 2019

I noticed today problems with new master builds, both with ipq806x/R7800 and 

* Some services do not start and their processes are not visible in the 
process list. Examples: collectd and nlbwmon
* logread command always hangs. Both from SSH console and luci

Looking at the recent changes, I suspected the ubus and/or libubox version 
bumps today that have apparently been discussed as   "[PATCH ubus 00/16] 
GitLab CI, tests, fuzzing, fixes and improvements" and " [PATCH libubox 
00/20] tests, fuzzing, fixes and improvements" message series.

I reverted both ubus and libubox changes and the services start again 
(nlbwmon, collectd), and also logread works ;-)

Commits that I reverted:



I have done no further debugging so far.

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