[OpenWrt-Devel] openwifi: Open source Wi-Fi “chip” on zynq FPGA with Linux mac80211 on ARM

Xianjun Jiao (UGent-imec) Xianjun.Jiao at UGent.be
Wed Dec 18 17:09:27 EST 2019

Dear openwrt friends,

A message may interest you. Our openwifi project is online:


Full stack real time SDR (Software Defined Radio) Wi-Fi implementation on zynq FPGA with embedded ARM Linux. Compatible with Linux mac80211 SoftMAC framework.

hostapd, wpa_supplicant and other native Linux Wi-Fi tools already work out of the box!

But for openwrt, I have too little experience, only know that it is also a kind of embedded Linux.

Is openwrt above the mac80211 subsystem?

How much effort do you think we need to run openwrt on the openwifi design?

If someone would like to work on this porting, we will definitely help!

Thanks for your time, and have fun!

Best regards,
Xianjun Jiao
Senior researcher, imec-Gent university
210.007, IDLab, iGent, Technologiepark 126, 9052, Ghent, Belgium
Mobile: +32 484 57 22 32<tel:+32%20484%2057%2022%2032>
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