[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH] ramips: fix port setup for Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X (and SFP)

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Mon Dec 16 16:01:31 EST 2019

Hallo Matthias,

> Having a WAN port by default is extremely useful (and necessary for easy 
> automatic configuration by OpenWrt-based frameworks like Gluon without 
> having to special-case many devices). 
> I would prefer if we could always make one port WAN as long as we have at 
> least two independently configurable ports, regardless of labeling - at 
> least that was my policy for creating new hardware support in the past. 
> Regards, 
> Matthias 

while I understand your reasoning, I look at this from a different angle:
On a device with five equivalent ports, I would expect those to be still equivalent in OpenWrt. Having an arbitrary port chosen to be a WAN port is rather confusing in that situation; users may only realize that if they really look into the configuration in the first place. Consequently, I would handle this the opposite way: For the uneducated user downloading the prebuild image, I would provide the setup which is supposed to be "expected". Experienced users and downstream developers (as I am myself) would then be able to change configuration to their particular demands. Though one could argue that the uneducated user would also be troubled to set up a WAN port if he wanted it, this is already assuming a certain use case which I would not do for the default settings (where I would plead that the user expects what the device is built for).
To make it even worse, having the predefined wan port for this device in particular will mess up the port order in luci, where ports are ordered "1 2 3 4 0" because 0 is wan. On the device, ports are 0 1 2 3 4 ...

Note that this is not just my personal opinion: I actually was made aware of the situation with the EdgeRouter by a user who reported the situation, complaining about having to configure away the WAN port for this device and being annoyed by the luci issue.

So, I'd still prefer to have this device switched to lan-only.


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