[OpenWrt-Devel] Inquery

Ted Hess thess at kitschensync.net
Sat Dec 14 18:02:49 EST 2019

>On 11/12/2019 15:22, Daniel Golle wrote:
>>As a community, we decided to give our self a set of minimal rules[1].
>>And even though it is in the last position, rule #12 "Be nice to each
>>other." is meant just as serious as all the other rules.
>>So here, not for the first time, you are using language which has the
>>only purpose to hurt other people (for which reason ever, it doesn't
>>matter). This is therefore a very clear violation to the above
>>mentioned rule. You statement "suck it" (guess what) is also an obvious
>>and disgusting example of a masculist culture which hurts our community
>>as a whole and I strongly believe we should not tolerate that.
>>And yes this was a spam mail. And it's even needless to say that
>>replying to a spam email in which ever way will always make it worse.
>>But that's not the point here and I will not engage in any discussion
>>on that matter.
>>Please learn to behave or leave us alone.
And, +1 from me - thanks.


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