[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH] zones: enforce forward policy with zone_NAME_src_POLICY

Yousong Zhou yszhou4tech at gmail.com
Fri Dec 13 02:05:59 EST 2019

E.g. traffic entering zone_lan_forward must match "-i br-lan".  That is,
forward policy of zone X applies to those traffics from zone X and to be
forwarded to other zones The iptables target for zone policy enforcement
should be zone_NAME_src_POLICY to match "-i br-lan", not
zone_NAME_dest_POLICY that matches "-o br-lan"

Fixes FS#2525

Signed-off-by: Yousong Zhou <yszhou4tech at gmail.com>
 zones.c | 6 +++---
 1 file changed, 3 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

diff --git a/zones.c b/zones.c
index 310583d..f268615 100644
--- a/zones.c
+++ b/zones.c
@@ -317,11 +317,11 @@ fw3_load_zones(struct fw3_state *state, struct uci_package *p)
 		resolve_cthelpers(state, e, zone);
 		fw3_setbit(zone->flags[0], fw3_to_src_target(zone->policy_input));
-		fw3_setbit(zone->flags[0], zone->policy_forward);
+		fw3_setbit(zone->flags[0], fw3_to_src_target(zone->policy_forward));
 		fw3_setbit(zone->flags[0], zone->policy_output);
 		fw3_setbit(zone->flags[1], fw3_to_src_target(zone->policy_input));
-		fw3_setbit(zone->flags[1], zone->policy_forward);
+		fw3_setbit(zone->flags[1], fw3_to_src_target(zone->policy_forward));
 		fw3_setbit(zone->flags[1], zone->policy_output);
 		list_add_tail(&zone->list, &state->zones);
@@ -659,7 +659,7 @@ print_zone_rule(struct fw3_ipt_handle *handle, struct fw3_state *state,
 		fw3_ipt_rule_append(r, "zone_%s_input", zone->name);
 		r = fw3_ipt_rule_new(handle);
-		fw3_ipt_rule_target(r, "zone_%s_dest_%s", zone->name,
+		fw3_ipt_rule_target(r, "zone_%s_src_%s", zone->name,
 		fw3_ipt_rule_append(r, "zone_%s_forward", zone->name);

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