[OpenWrt-Devel] Inquery

WRT Burner wrt_burner at mail.com
Wed Dec 11 11:37:26 EST 2019

On 11/12/2019 15:22, Daniel Golle wrote:
> And it's even needless to say that
> replying to a spam email in which ever way will always make it worse.

+1. There is no constructive value in replying to spam. Let's keep openwrt-devel
nice and clean.

On 11/12/2019 15:22, Daniel Golle wrote:
> You statement "suck it" (guess what) is also an obvious
> and disgusting example of a masculist culture which hurts our community
> as a whole and I strongly believe we should not tolerate that.

-1. This is a software development mailing list, not tumblr.com.

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