[OpenWrt-Devel] SDK enhancement proposal - add external toolchains via feeds

John Crispin john at phrozen.org
Tue Apr 23 10:43:05 EDT 2019

On 23/04/2019 16:17, Jeff Kletsky wrote:
> On 4/23/19 12:41 AM, Florian Eckert wrote:
>> Hello Mirko,
>> I am not a member of OpenWrt but this are my hints.
>>>  To start this process, we have collected a small number of core
>>> features that we would propose to add to the OpenWrt build system. Our
>>> goal with these patches is to remove the need for companies to develop
>>> external scripts used to manipulate the build configuration of
>>> OpenWrt. We will present the use cases and our proposed way to
>>> implement these in a series of emails.
>>>  If and when there is agreement on the proposal and implementation
>>> approach, we will develop the feature and submit a patch for approval.
>>> We are aware that this might take time and are prepared for several
>>> iterations.
>> Do not ask if this would be a good improvement.
>> Just do it and make a traceable pullrequest with the changes.
>> If the community likes this then it will get merged.
>>>  The first use case we would like to present is the ability to add
>>> external toolchains in a feed.
>> Why not include the toolchain for new archs or changes to existing 
>> into OpenWrt Upstream?
>> This has a lot of advantages, which hopefully are all well known.
>> [...]
> Mirko,
> First, I would echo Florian's suggestion as perhaps the most effective 
> way to accomplish this.
> (I'm not a member of the OpenWrt team either.)
> I am, however, wondering how the existing features of the build system 
> aren't meeting your needs. While I haven't tried them myself, it at 
> least appears that there are many options available beneath
>   │ Type  : boolean
>   │ Prompt: Use external toolchain
>   │   Location:
>   │     -> Advanced configuration options (for developers) (DEVEL [=y])
>   │   Defined at toolchain/Config.in:41
> On the feeds, at least as I understand it, `./scripts/feeds` looks at 
> `feeds.conf` or, if not present, `feeds.conf.default` (Perl)
>      44 sub parse_config() {
>      45         my $line = 0;
>      46         my %name;
>      47
>      48         open FEEDS, "feeds.conf" or
>      49                 open FEEDS, "feeds.conf.default" or
>      50                 die "Unable to open feeds configuration";
> so that the choice of feeds is already part of the source itself, 
> manageable through git or your VCS.
> On a separate note, I wanted to thank the folks at Prpl for providing 
> some documentation on procd that was once present at 
> <http://wiki.prplfoundation.org/wiki/Procd_reference> I had linked to 
> it at <https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-developer/procd-init-scripts> 
> some time ago, and replaced it with a link to the Internet Archive 
> when the page disappeared. If that is present elsewhere, I know I'd 
> appreciate it if we could know the URL to link to it directly, or 
> maintain the information to the OpenWrt wiki directly.
> Jeff

EXTERNAL_TOOLCHAIN is for binary toolchains and feeds is for packages 
and targets. I understand the proposal to aim at adding src toolchains. 
Looking at interaptiv or arcs for example, gcc does not have full 
support yet, so a vendor might have a tagged gcc fork + their internal 
patches which will be a moving target and wont be accepted to openwrt 
directly. If this is the case, then the proposal makes sense to me.


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