[OpenWrt-Devel] umbim: registration set support

Petr Štetiar ynezz at true.cz
Wed Apr 10 06:09:24 EDT 2019

Bjørn Mork <bjorn at mork.no> [2019-04-09 23:03:56]:

Hi Bjørn,

> Is there anything I or anyone else can do to help here?

sure, for me it's very helpful to have at least some Reviewed-by/Tested-by
tags. In case of Tested-by it's also good to know some details about the test
setup as well (device, settings etc.). This tags helps to prioritize as well.

> There are far too many patches like this one just sitting in patchwork.

It's about 108 patches, some of them already delegated, some of them RFCs,
which makes it down to roughly about 50 patches. There is about 101 PRs on
GitHub and roughly 810 open tasks/issues in Flyspray as well. So yeah, a lot
of work.

> Pull requests on github works really well for the repos there. 

Well, although I'm personally not such big fan of this platform for open
source projects (yeah, we should promote usage of other FS/OSS), it makes
handling of the huge amount of patches much more convenient, so I can live
with that.  Patchwork is nice till you can keep with the pace of new patches,
once there's some backlog it gets awkward.

> That is a problem for a volunteer project. You can't depend on people having
> infinite spare time.  Very few have...

Good tooling could help with missing human resources a lot. I wish the day had
64 hours and we could've something like kernelci.org, i.e. have more automagic
testing and so on.

> But stuff like umbim here, and the other repos only avilable on
> git.openwrt.org, seems to depend on single maintainers.

It might look like that, but from my point of view it's just because
umbim/mbim/uqmi are projects which are domain specific, so probably not so
easy candidates for review, testing and merging. BTW anybody with commit
access can push this patches.

Anyway, I've to admit, that it's really PITA to work in this fragmented
environment (Patchwork, GitHub, Flyspray) and I'm going to bring this topic on
the developer meeting in June.

> But is there any chance someone else can push a few patches to umbim.git?

Actually I've missed this patch while going through the patchwork list this
week, so thank you for the reminder.

I've merged this and the other mbim proxy patch in my staging repo[1] and
added two more on the top (adding -Wextra compiler check), which I've sent to
the list for the review just a few moments ago. 

So it would be nice if you could take a look and review them before I'm going
to bother blogic for his ACK (not strictly necessary, but nice to have) in
order to push it.


1. https://github.com/ynezz/umbim/tree/staging

-- ynezz

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