[OpenWrt-Devel] DTS Style: Referring to "Upstream" Nodes

Petr Štetiar ynezz at true.cz
Wed Apr 10 04:42:44 EDT 2019

Jeff Kletsky <lede at allycomm.com> [2019-04-09 07:31:46]:


> In general, within an OpenWrt DTS that `#include "some_linux_supplied.dtsi"`
> is it preferred to refer to a node defined in upstream code by label, or by
> path?

well, it has nothing to do with OpenWrt, this looks more like a general DTS
question and could be answered by either consulting the DTS specs or just by
grepping the Linux kernel/OpenWrt DTSes and look for acceptable examples.

> For example, with `blsp1_spi2: spi at 78b6000` in the upstream-controlled DTS,
> prefer
>     &blsp1_spi2
> or (taking into account scope or path, as needed)
>     spi at 78b6000

I would say, that whatever works for you and makes the dtc compiler happy,
i.e.  doesn't spill out any warnings.

-- ynezz

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