[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH 2/5] build: image: Add pad-to and pad-rootfs-squashfs helpers

Petr Štetiar ynezz at true.cz
Mon Apr 1 03:04:37 EDT 2019

Felix Fietkau <nbd at nbd.name> [2019-03-31 22:21:59]:

> >> I just came up with this simple script, which takes an existing image and
> >> pads it to full size: http://nbd.name/pad-image.pl With this, shipping
> >> padded images should be unnecessary.
> > BTW that script needs some tweaking, it's producing here 2TB images from this file
> > 
> > http://downloads.openwrt.org/snapshots/targets/x86/64/openwrt-x86-64-rootfs-squashfs.img.gz
> That's just the rootfs image, you're supposed to run the script on a
> combined image.

It wasn't obvious to me, that it should be used on combined image.

> What do you need that rootfs image for?

That rootfs for x86 was just improperly chosen example, so to be more
specific, how are we going to pad rootfs squashfs images for armvirt and
malta, where we don't have combined image, just separate kernel and rootfs.

-- ynezz

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