[OpenWrt-Devel] router unielec U7628-01 won't boot - step to track down the problem ?

davidea list at davidea.it
Sun Sep 30 19:23:49 EDT 2018

i have buied a router from unielec, the second unit , but this time the 
router , arrived in working perfect condition with the factory firmware 
(openwrt custom) , when i try to flash the last firmware , won't boot ...

i make some test , i hope in the right direction , but now i don't have 
enough skill to track down the problem.

i make a log with the original firmware : https://pastebin.com/Sa2XGiDP

after this i write to flash the openwrt 18.06.1 

the router doesn't boot , all led are off , eth is up but no data come 
from the router , in the serial consolle if i hit enter , nothings happen

then i decide to try the snapshot , from 27 september , 

i obtain   [    1.709386] Unhandled kernel unaligned access[#1]:

i try then to make my own snapshot, clone the repo , enable the "target 
image : ramdisk" , adjust the dtsi  to set the serial speed the same as 
the bootloader .... compile

boot to ram : https://pastebin.com/MzTDc7Ac

boot from flash after writing to flash : https://pastebin.com/bGJX4gVR

in one of my test (not reported here) i see sometimes , i have an error 
about root filsystem not set , then i add the filesystem path in the 
dtsi file , recompile and test

boot to ram : https://pastebin.com/rH6s9Dfe

boot from flash after writing to flash : https://pastebin.com/FTYuC0k4

if i write to the flash the original bin firmware, all come back ok, the 
only difference between the two unit is that the first have a breed 
bootloader this one have u-boot , but the developer , tell me that the 
firmware they made is the same for both bootloader

now: is correct to enable the "target image : ramdisk" to make the test? 
are they valid as when i flash the firmware?

is necessary to set the filesystem path?

someone can point me on a more clear (for me)  paper about the flash 
structure , and how it is detected?

unfortunately i'm unable to resolve this error, then i need some big 
help from the comunity , but i can make the test ...

if needed the maker grant me the permission to share the bin file , but 
not the source code about this image ,,,,

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