[OpenWrt-Devel] GitHub and -devel; differentiating between voting committers and random community comments

Daniel F. Dickinson cshore at thecshore.com
Fri Sep 14 10:26:23 EDT 2018


This isn't my first preference, but I think this is becoming a bit of a 
problem, especially for people not all that familiar with who's who in 

I've noticed that community (vs. voting committers) often jump in with 
(presumably well-meant) advice that might not actually match what voting 
committers want (e.g. on a patch or for policy), and for those not 
familiar with emails and names of the voting OpenWrt team this can lead 
to changing patches or PR's in ways that are counter-productive to 
actually getting merged.

I'm not a voting member myself, so this isn't necessarily going to help 
me get heard, but I'd also hate for someone take me as canonical advice 
in contrast to a voting committer.  I know some community members can be 
quite helpful, but others tend to sounding authoritative while not being 
an 'official' openwrt team member, which leads to mis-perception (in my 
view) about what the project would like to see.



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