[OpenWrt-Devel] Ubiquiti UniFi AC range missing factory images?

Stijn Segers foss at volatilesystems.org
Sat Sep 8 11:47:07 EDT 2018

Hey guys,

The whole UniFi AC range (initial support got added in commit 
cede06cebc) only has sysupgrade images available, which means, if you 
break stuff, you need to flash Ubiquiti's own firmware first through 
TFTP, and only after that you're able to reinstall OpenWrt again. Since 
newer Ubiquiti images (after March 2017 it seems) also lack the mtd 
command necessary to flash OpenWrt, I was wondering why there's only 
sysupgrade images. After all, Ubiquiti might pull those older firmwares 
at any time, and that would mean people which buy these devices would 
be unable to install OpenWrt on them.

The initial commit doesn't contain any motivation for leaving out 
factory images; but given what needs to be done, it seems to me they 
would be quite a useful addition?



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