[OpenWrt-Devel] project: online image and sysupgrade builder

Yury Shvedov yshvedov at wimarksystems.com
Thu Sep 6 02:21:49 EDT 2018

On 09/05/2018 09:13 PM, Paul wrote:
> Sorry I can't follow this idea - maybe as I'm not aware of any mikrotik
> related scripts...
There is several steps to flash routerboard devices:
1. Download sysupgrade and netboot images
2. Configure and run dhcp server with tftpboot functionality
3. Run the body in netboot mode
4. Transfer sysupgrade image to it
5. Ssh to it and flash it

This steps are little bit painful when you flashing often many devices 
and very painful for new users. There is an example script on wiki pages 
which creates dhcp server, but other you have to do yourself. I have a 
set of scripts which automates all of this steps (except #3). And 
additional script which packs newly built images for mikrotik into the 
self-unpacking archive with scripts mentioned above. So the output of my 
build is one executable binary which can flash any routerboard device 
automatically - you only have to connect the body in netboot mode and wait.

So, why not to make such executables with buildroot?

Kind regards,
Yury Shvedov
WiMark Systems

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