[OpenWrt-Devel] RFT: ar71xx/mac80211 update

Koen Vandeputte koen.vandeputte at ncentric.com
Sat Sep 1 17:57:20 EDT 2018

>> Hi John,
>> Thanks for the updates!
>> mac80211:
>> I've tested mac80211 on a large number of targets in the field:
>> - ~25 devices
>> - half of them having up to 4 wlan ifaces
>> - all running in IBSS
>> - Distance varying from 20m up to ~50km
>> For my cases, it seems to work well.
>> Small nit-pick:
>> In the bootlog, I'm seeing this:
>> [   11.330000] Loading modules backported from Linux version 
>> v4.18-rc7-0-gacb1872577b3
>> [   11.330000] Backport generated by backports.git 
>> v4.14-rc2-1-71-g39f4ec76
>> Is the 2nd line correct?
> erm no, i'll rebase ontop of v4.18 (without RC) the next days and look 
> into this. its most likely the last version that backports.git was 
> tested against and i bumped the s/patch set to v4.18
> thanks for testing !
>     John

Hi John,

I've been testing the mac80211 bump (4.18 RC7) in the field for some 
time now.
It's currently running on roughly 40 moving devices (~90 wlan 
interfaces) at various distances.
(The devices are mounted on windmill's and vessels.)

All of them are running in IBSS mode, 802.11n, 5.8G, HT40, Long GI.

Enabling dynack triggers crashes in this mac80211 version. (RCU stalls)
I haven't seen these in the past few months running the current OpenWrt 
4.14-RC2 mac version.


I don't know if this will also occur in AP or MESH mode .. hence I'm 
reporting it here ..

Dear Johannes,

Apologies for dragging you into this thread but, being the lead 
regarding mac80211, maybe you have a clue where this gets triggered.

Dear Lorenzo,

Being the designer of dynack, maybe you have an idea?

Thanks all,


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