[OpenWrt-Devel] Sign OpenWRT 18.06 PGP key with LEDE 17.01 PGP key

who.are.you at posteo.no who.are.you at posteo.no
Thu Oct 11 06:37:42 EDT 2018


I'd like to request that the new OpenWRT 18.06 be signed with the LEDE 17.01 key.

It seems that 18.06 has been created with no connection to the 17.01 key - no chain of trust. Unless you 100% trust HTTPS... *** unadvised ***

So please sign the 18.06 key with 17.01 key and re-upload it with the signature (to openwrt.org and/or to keyservers), so that anyone with the LEDE key can trust the new key.


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