[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH] ath79: Add support for Ubiquity

Joe Ayers joe at ayerscasa.com
Sun Nov 18 11:37:54 EST 2018

> > root at AE6XE-NSM5XW-QTH:~# cat /etc/openwrt_version
> > r7258-5eb055306f
> I was asking for airOS version, so it should rather be `cat /etc/version`. I
> don't have /etc/openwrt_version in my airOS v6.1.7 system.

I was running openwrt prior to tftp'ing this test image.  It
shouldn't make any difference what 'inert' bits are in these other
flash partitions.  We're overwriting the data with the bootloader (we
both have the same bootloader version) through the tftp process.  I
could reload airOS v6.1.7 and start with the same state if this would
address further concerns of the testing results?

On the serial console, could see why your node is not going into tftp
server mode or if other reason?

> > I applied this 002-firmware-check-fix.patch to your build referenced
> > above and tftp'd it to a NS M5 XW with "U-Boot 1.1.4-s1039 (May 24
> > 2017 - 15:58:18)" bootloader.  Looks like nano-m-xw is missing from
> > .../base-files/etc/board.d/02_network.   Consequently, the network
> > physical ports are non-functional and the wireless is not showing up.
> nano-m-xw missing in 02_network as it's probably standard eth0/eth1 setup so
> it would use the default:
>  *)
>     ucidef_set_interfaces_lan_wan "eth0" "eth1"
>     ;;

Reviewing the AR934x Data Sheet might give a better visual.   There
are 2 switch chips on this device (and other UBNT XW models).  For
whatever reason ubnt does not use the on-chip AR934x switch.  In dmesg
from the test image, we see this onchip-AR9342 switch at Gigabit MAC1:

mdio-bus.1:1f: Found an AR934X built-in switch      # showing up as
eth1, but this is not used.or dead end.  a way to undefine so it
doesn't show up?

The external switch chip is found here on the AR934X Gigabit MAC0:

switch0: Atheros AR8236 rev. 1 switch registered on mdio-bus.0   #
showing up as eth0 and the path to external ports
ag71xx 19000000.eth: connected to PHY at mdio-bus.0:04 [uid=004dd043,
driver=Atheros AR8216/AR8236/AR8316]
The external ports are on this switch ports 1 and 5.

in, the 02_network definitions are like this and probably
need to roll forward:
                ucidef_add_switch "switch0" \
                        "0 at eth0" "5:lan" "1:wan"

It's also a bit tricky as there is a GPIO pin for reset from the
AR934X over to the AR8236 (and AR803x chips on other XW hardware) too.
I'm not that familiar with device tree yet, but I suspect this detail
needs defined as well.


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