[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH] ath79: Add support for Ubiquity Bullet M2HP

Lech Perczak lech.perczak at gmail.com
Sat Nov 17 04:28:20 EST 2018

Hi Petr, Adrian,

W dniu 2018-11-17 o 07:44, Petr Štetiar pisze:
> mail at adrianschmutzler.de <mail at adrianschmutzler.de> [2018-11-16 19:15:41]:
> Hi Adrian,
>> if I haven't overlooked it, the patch does not provide a "factory" Image as
>> in ar71xx, at least according to "Flashing instructions".
> if I parse this correctly, then my answer is, that I simply didn't included
> instructions for flashing of factory image as it wasn't possible at that time,
> because `fwupdate.real` utility in airOS v6+ (I'm not 100% sure about this),
> doesn't allow flashing of unsigned factory images, so you simply couldn't
> flash other factory images then those from Ubiquity.
>   XW.v6.1.7# fwupdate.real -m /tmp/openwrt-ath79-generic-ubnt_bullet-m2hp-squashfs-factory.bin  -d
>   ...
>   Current: XW.ar934x.v6.1.7.32555.180523.1754
>   New ver: XW.ar934x.v6.0.4-OpenWrt-r8452+9-e95e9fc
>   Versions: New(393220) 6.0.4, Required(393220) 6.0.4
>   ...
>   Bad Image Structure
>   Signature check failed
> But in the meantime it was possible to remove this RSA signature checking in
> `fwupdate.real`, so in v2 of this patch, there are instructions for flashing
> of factory images:
>   B) Experimental factory image flashing over SSH from airOS v6.1.7
>     1. You need to flash your UBNT M2HP with airOS v6.1.7 firmware
>        no other airOS version is currently supported
>     2. git clone https://github.com/true-systems/ubnt-bullet-m2hp-openwrt-flashing
>     3. cd ubnt-bullet-m2hp-openwrt-flashing
>     4. make flash-factory FW_OWRT=/path/to/your/openwrt-ath79-generic-ubnt_bullet-m-xw-squashfs-factory.bin
> Please note, that so far it was tested only on two different Bullet M2HP (XW)
> devices and it worked. If you've such device and are willing to risk testing
> it, you're more then welcome. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

Wasn't this possible with downgrading to AirOS 5 first just as it is 
done for XM series?
Please take a look for instructions for them, on XM the procedure is 
quite easy.

> -- ynezz

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