[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH] ath79: Add support for Ubiquity Bullet M2HP

Lech Perczak lech.perczak at gmail.com
Fri Nov 16 12:46:40 EST 2018


W dniu 2018-11-16 o 16:13, Petr Štetiar pisze:
> Lech Perczak <lech.perczak at gmail.com> [2018-11-15 19:30:00]:
> Hi,
>> Just a couple of remarks inline, based on my knowledge about XM series.
> thanks for the review!
>>> +	ubnt,bullet-m2hp|\
>> I'd call it ubnt,bullet-m-xw, as this patch will very likely support
>> Bullet-M5HP also.
> Ok
>>> +		link4 {
>>> +			label = "ubnt:green:link4";
>>> +			gpios = <&gpio 14 GPIO_ACTIVE_LOW>;
>>> +		};
>>> +	};
>>> +};
>> Shouldn't those LEDs be defined in ar9342_ubnt_xw.dtsi?
>> AFAIK all XW boards (Bullet, Nano, Rocket) use same LED configurations, like
>> in XM target also.
> It's hard for me to add support for something I don't have on the table and
> can't test it at least quickly, so it's hard to guess what should be
> common and share stuff and what's separate for each device.

This is the situation where we have to rely on knowledge of others :)
The whole range of Ubiquiti Airmax devices uses essentially those two 
boards, with functionally-equivalent variants based on XM and XW boards.

For example, Nanostation is basically a Bullet with extra ethernet port, 
and Rocket is a Bullet with added USB port.
As far as I understand ar71xx code, the same situation is present on XW 
boards. Same functionality, different SoCs.

Feel free to ask me any questions on this topic :)

>> Please take a look at ath79 device tree for XM boards and for board file for
>> XW in ar71xx.
> I did, but wasn't smart from that anyway. I would need more experience with
> those device to understand the differencies.
It'd be great if support for all of them could be included in 
ar9342_ubnt_xw.dtsi, and then secondary ethernet and USB only enabled in 
respective .dts files. It'd be even better if someone on the list had a 
Rocket M XW to test, as it is the fullest variant.

Unfortunately I only have access to XM-based devices :(

>>> +  DEVICE_TITLE := Ubiquiti Bullet M2HP
>> Same as before, I'd call it ubnt_bullet-m-xw, as this patchset should
>> automatically support Bullet-M5HP also.
> Ok so it might be safe to change it to `Ubiquiti Bullet M2 and M5 HP (XW)` ?
I'd go with just Ubiquiti Bullet-M (XW), as this target will directly 
support also Nanobridge and Powerbeam series, which also have frequency 
variants available for 900MHz and 3.4GHz bands (for licensed or amateur 
radio use).
> -- ynezz
Also, wouldn't you mind reviewing and/or testing my PR regarding RSSI 
indicator LEDs on your M2HP on ar71xx target?
It is located on Github: https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/pull/1372
I only had a chance to test it against Nanobridge M5 (XM version).
Also please rebase it on top of current master if you do decide to test 
it :)

With kind regards,

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