[OpenWrt-Devel] GPL Violation to chase + Engenius/Senao firmware non-update

Michael Holstein moholstein at gmail.com
Tue Nov 13 01:12:33 EST 2018

> Thus, be if for breaking into something so you can flash it (my use)

Forgot to mention .. pesky issue I keep running into, is disabled TX
on the UART. This was probably documented somewhere obvious but not
such that Google found it as easily as it will now.
So if you're wondering WTF why  can't I interrupt the boot? ..
probably because they did this :

This is a package from optware (unless unique to them) but these are
uboot paramaters you can change pretty much anywhere else once you get
access to the filesystem. There are two serial ports, the other being
what looks like it would have been the other Ethernet, just like a
Cisco AP has (RJ45 style), although the through-hole at normal pitch
on the top right corner is a standard one that's easier to get to

package 'setserial'
 config 'setserial'
 option enabled 0
 option device '/dev/ttyS1'
 option parameters 'irq 3'

Of course once you're at this point serial is just looking for a
slower way, but might as well set up debricking while your here,
because yes, you will eventually.


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