[OpenWrt-Devel] FS#1567 reported: making openrwrt unusable (BT Home Hub 5) since between r6080 and r7050

Jo-Philipp Wich jo at mein.io
Mon May 28 09:29:04 EDT 2018


> This does not make sense, is the alternative to write off openwrt? 
> Because if ADSL + PPPoA do not work, then it is useless.

Indeed, if OpenWrt does not work for your device then you should look
for alternatives or try to dig into the issue yourself.

> As a minimum I would expect a developer to look at the commits
> between r6080 and r7050 to see what has changed and roll-back.

Lets see... that is a range of 970 commits, with an estimated average of
2 minutes to review each commit that'd be 1940 minutes worth of work.

Given roughly 3 hours daily spare time (weekends excluded) one can
devote to OpenWrt it'd about 2 weeks worth of development time to track
down this sole bug.

That is quite a lot you expect as a minimum. It also not even clear if
any of these commits can be clearly attributed to your problem at hand.


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