[OpenWrt-Devel] ipq806x and kernel 4.14 support / 18.06 kernel partition size?

Hannu Nyman hannu.nyman at iki.fi
Thu May 24 11:42:48 EDT 2018

John Crispin kirjoitti 24.5.2018 klo 18:36:
> On 24/05/18 17:29, Hannu Nyman wrote:
>> Increasing the reserved kernel space in master from 2MB to 4MB due to 
>> kernel 4.14 for many ipq806x devices like R7800 has broken the sysupgrade 
>> possibility from 17.01, 18.06 or an earlier master snapshot build to the 
>> current master build. Same goes for the downgrade to stable branches.
>> The current situation where a jump between master and 18.06 (or 17.01) 
>> will always require using the TFTP recovery mode, is rather cumbersome for 
>> people who regularly build/maintain both master and stable builds. I have 
>> published a community build for R7800 master and stable branch for the 
>> last two years, and this will make my life really hard with the new stable 
>> 18.06 branch.
>> That makes me wonder if the kernel space reservation enlargement in the 
>> firmware image should be done already for 18.06 although kernel 4.9 does 
>> not force that, yet. It should be rather straightforward to enlarge kernel 
>> partition size in the 18.06 branch, but not do any other changes (so 
>> kernel would stay at 4.9 etc.). That would just decreases the space 
>> available for packages by 2 MB (like in master).
>> That kernel partition size change would enable a smooth jump between 
>> master and 18.06, and in future between 18.06 and the next release (18.12?)
>> The big question is if the sysupgrade break for regular users will be
>> * in the 17.01/18.06 change (enabling easy master/18.06/18.xx changes in 
>> future), or
>> * in the next version bump 18.06/18.xx (causing difficult master/18.06 
>> changes in the near future).
> we need to break at some point regardless. we then need to break again when 
> we migrate from swconfig -> DSA. my plan was to also make DSA work before 
> the release and then just bite the bullet on this one.
>     John

Funny, while I was writing my message to the mailing list, John actually did 
the thing that I was contemplating, moving the sysupgrade break into between 
17.01 and 18.06 by bumping ipq806x in the 18.06 branch into 4.14. Hopefully a 
good thing. Thanks.

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