[OpenWrt-Devel] Migrating packages from oldpackages to packages

Peter Denison openwrt at marshadder.org
Sun Mar 4 05:39:59 EST 2018

When migrating a package from the unmaintained 'oldpackages' feed to the 
main 'packages' feed:

1) Should I try to preserve history? If so, how do I do that on just one 
directory (my git-fu is not that good)?

2) Is it acceptable / preferable to do two commits, one to move the 
package as is, and a second to bring it up to date and fix its building, 
or should it just be a single commit?

3) Do I need to do anything other than a pull request on github to offer 
to maintain a package? (Presumably also a pull request to delete it from 

Many thanks,

Peter Denison <openwrt at marshadder.org>
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