[OpenWrt-Devel] Build currently broken when using usbutils

Koen Vandeputte koen.vandeputte at ncentric.com
Fri Jun 29 08:38:53 EDT 2018

On 2018-06-29 14:25, Bjørn Mork wrote:
> Koen Vandeputte <koen.vandeputte at ncentric.com> writes:
>> The original location seems unavailable, and the backup has a wrong hash ..
> See
> https://www.zdnet.com/article/gentoo-github-mirror-hacked-and-considered-compromised/
> Bjørn
Thanks Bjørn!

This looks like a good up-to-date candidate to replace it (or to replace 
the mirror contents on OpenWrt with the contents of this one)

Anyone with objections?


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