[OpenWrt-Devel] Q: delayed jffs2 overlay mount

Zefir Kurtisi zefir.kurtisi at neratec.com
Fri Jun 29 06:01:05 EDT 2018

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Hi Rafal,

thanks for the feedback.

On 06/29/2018 10:44 AM, Rafał Miłecki wrote:
> On Thu, 28 Jun 2018 at 17:37, Zefir Kurtisi <zefir.kurtisi at neratec.com> wrote:
>> What I fail to understand is this: most services are started between S10boot and
>> S95done, but without jffs2 overlay being mounted, they have no access to the
>> current configuration but operate with factory config. Does this make sense, or am
>> I missing something?
> JFFS2 formatting happens on the first boot only. There is no "current
> configuration" then on the flash that would differ from the "factory
> config".

There must be something that the jffs2 subsystem is doing every boot, since I
regularly get the "jffs2 not ready yet, using temporary tmpfs overlay" message
during S10boot when the rootfs_data partition is large (20MB+) - I was speculating
on garbage collection or scanning delays.

Though, this might be specific to our system (rather slow SPI-NOR flash, active
mtd_oops module, etc.). If in essence you are saying this should never happen
during regular boot, it helps a lot limiting the potential root causes.


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