[OpenWrt-Devel] Q: delayed jffs2 overlay mount

Zefir Kurtisi zefir.kurtisi at neratec.com
Thu Jun 28 11:36:40 EDT 2018

Hi John & all,

after increasing the rootfs_data size from 2 to 16MB in our device, I realized the
'delayed jffs2 overlay mount' feature which I was not aware before and which in
our setup is causing trouble.

Before, jffs2 was always ready after the wait for failsafe key-press and the
mount_root call in S10boot, while the larger rootfs_data partition regularly is
not fully scanned at that time. According to mount_root.c:start() this is the
intended behaviour to not block preinit, pointing out that jffs2 overlay will be
re-mounted on done(), which happens late in the init process.

What I fail to understand is this: most services are started between S10boot and
S95done, but without jffs2 overlay being mounted, they have no access to the
current configuration but operate with factory config. Does this make sense, or am
I missing something?

Does this further mean that services that must access the current configuration
need to be started after S95done is done?

Thanks for any insights,

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