[OpenWrt-Devel] [LEDE-DEV] [PATCH] ubusd: Use linked list for queued messages (alt.)

Sergey Zakharchenko doublef.mobile at gmail.com
Tue Jun 26 07:52:49 EDT 2018

Hello Benjamin,

2018-05-08 12:22 GMT+03:00 Benjamin Hansmann <i at qbox.audio>:
> What is the acceptance state of this patch? In patchwork it has the
> status `superseded'. Does it mean that the issue has been or will be
> solved by other means?

Thanks a lot for the patch! It does indeed seem to solve the issue
(which I can reliably reproduce without it). It doesn't seem merged

One day some unrolled linked list / "deque" could be used to reduce
calloc call count, improve locality, etc. There are existing
implementations with reasonable licenses, e.g.
https://github.com/ennorehling/clibs/blob/master/selist.h (not
promoting anything here though, just a random link). You'd get
behaviour similar to original if you unrolled with 32 elements, but it
wouldn't crash and burn on overflow like the original implementation.

Best regards,


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