[OpenWrt-Devel] 18.06: Cherry pick mtu fix

Mathias Kresin dev at kresin.me
Thu Jun 21 15:24:39 EDT 2018

21.06.2018 21:18, Jaap Buurman:
> Dear Kevin,
> Some very good points you are giving. Is there anyone able and willing
> to cherry-pick these 3 commits to the 18.06 branch before the RC1
> release is tagged tomorrow?

At least I'll not do so.

I would like to see this change a bit more tested in master. The code is 
shared between all mediatek mips SoCs and might cause regressions for 
the other SoCs.

Considering that it took near to two months for the first public report 
of the mtu regression after making k4.14 the default, I don't feel 
comfortable to assume that five days in master are enough for testing.


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