[OpenWrt-Devel] Openwrt on NetApp FAS3020?

Steven Mercurio rhcev3 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 19 09:17:27 EDT 2018

I have a few NetApp FAS3020 units which basically are dual Intel Xeon
boards that I wanted to use but can't figure out how to build an OS image
or get it to network boot anything.

The hardware uses a modded version of Broadcom's CFE.  From my
understanding NetApp used the CFE source to get it to run on their x86

The hardware is GREAT and would be really useful if I can just figure out
how to create a OS image for it or get it to boot from the network.

I saw mentions of the Broadcom CFE and elsewhere that there is x86 support
in openwrt so hoping someone can help me get openwrt running on this HW.

NetApp licenses are a train wreck but the hardware itself is FANTASTIC.
Once I get the OS on it I can see what I need to do next to add things like
SCST, tgtd, NFS, etc.

Would be super cool to extend openwrt into San filer head space.  :-D
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