[OpenWrt-Devel] [LEDE-DEV] 18.06 Status?

Daniel F. Dickinson cshored at thecshore.com
Thu Jun 7 05:48:08 EDT 2018

On 2018-06-07 04:13 AM, Martin Schroeder wrote:
> How about you guys vote for a person. Make a list of candidates, mail
> it out to the list (people can add their own names if they wish). Then
> whoever gets voted in becomes the coordinator.

Hauke seems to be the coordinator (I've seen him occasionally poking),
and others have been doing backports for the 17.xx.x point release, so I
image 18.06 will be later this month.  I think a lot of folks forget
that the majority of the OpenWrt developers work for a living, and not
doing openwrt, and unlike other projects there is not a real corporate
backing (and/or agenda) that drives what gets done and when.  For all I
made a lot of noise when I wasn't well, the developers deserve kudos for
doing *real* open source.  OpenWrt is not a corporate 'product',
although the devs have show definite signs of wanting better than
corporate product quality for this distro.  (I tend to get the chills
when I look at corporate GPL tarballs).

In a separate I'm hoping to make to do some quality (but *little* chunks
this time) contributions again; since the devs seem to be willing to let
bygones by bygones, and I'm doing better now (just have a lot on my plate).



> On Sat, May 5, 2018 at 9:12 PM, Fernando Frediani <fhfrediani at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I didn't mention forcing people at any point. Just having someone to be in
>> charge in order to organize certain things, get people's availability and
>> make more thing happen.
>> With regards schedule the lack of one seems not doing much good, so having
>> one has the potential to improve things. And again, having a schedule
>> doesn't necessarily mean every single point will get done, but certainly
>> will get more attention and commitment from most of people around something
>> in common. It will not be a big thing if a feature was skipped.
>> As mentioned in the other reply perhaps Release Coordinator could do this
>> job fine without changing much of the whole thing.
>> Regards
>> Fernando
>> On 05/05/2018 15:55, Alberto Bursi wrote:
>>> This isn't a job where you can force people to do anything.
>>> Also, I'm not a fan of half-assing or leaving out things for the sake of a
>>> schedule.

>>> -Alberto
>>> On 05/05/2018 20:41, Fernando Frediani wrote:
>>>> One characteristic from OpenWrt, different from other projects is the
>>>> lack of a leader or a person who can gather others together, make some
>>>> decisions or push for them to happen. If one doesn't like this title it can
>>>> also be "Project Manager" or "Project Coordinator". This, in my view, makes
>>>> a big difference for things to flow in time.
>>>> Has anyone heard that saying: "A dog with many owners starves"
>>>> Perhaps it is the time to adjust the Rules (https://openwrt.org/rules)
>>>> and add something to make it exist in benefit of the project.
>>>> Fernando
>>>> On 05/05/2018 07:27, Jaap Buurman wrote:
>>>>> Hi all,
>>>>> I feel like everybody is just waiting for everybody to agree what
>>>>> features we want in before coming up with the next step of picking a
>>>>> date. Obviously this isn't working out very well. Why not turn things
>>>>> around? Pick a date in a few weeks time on which the Master branch
>>>>> will be split to a 18.0X branch. If nobody complains before that date
>>>>> the branch goes on as planned. People can obviously get in the
>>>>> features they want before said date. If somebody deems a particular
>>>>> feature very important to be included in this branch, but feels like
>>>>> it will not be finished before said date, he/she can request a delay
>>>>> stating:
>>>>> -What he/she would like to include
>>>>> -Why this is so important to be included before the branch.
>>>>> -How much extra time this will need by proposing a new date
>>>>> -Perhaps a request for help implementing said change
>>>>> Should this proposal be accepted, we will reschedule the date from
>>>>> there. If the other people don't think it is important enough to
>>>>> postpone the release, the old date will stand. This way, we can simply
>>>>> move forward if nobody complains about a particular date instead of
>>>>> the waiting around for others that is going on right now. What does
>>>>> everybody else think of this idea? What seems like a reasonable date?
>>>>> And who would be willing to take on the task of splitting the branch
>>>>> at said date to make sure we'll be actually moving forward with the
>>>>> plan at said date?
>>>>> Yours sincerely,
>>>>> Jaap Buurman
>>>>> On Wed, May 2, 2018 at 4:41 AM, Eric Luehrsen <ericluehrsen at gmail.com>
>>>>> wrote:
>>>>>> On 05/01/2018 10:47 AM, Hannu Nyman wrote:
>>>>>>> I think that the main source tree is in pretty good shape, so
>>>>>>> branching
>>>>>>> off the 18.0X rather soon might make sense....
>>>>>> I would also think its time to branch 18.[something-soon], and rather
>>>>>> than
>>>>>> focus on work that needs yet to be completed, look to cut hardware and
>>>>>> packages that are not ready for a release. There is always some heart
>>>>>> ache
>>>>>> when such decisions are made, but at a point those decisions do need to
>>>>>> be
>>>>>> made. Without an official release to punctuate both the core team and
>>>>>> other
>>>>>> packagers hard work, OpenWrt/LEDE could risk losing support from the
>>>>>> community and its limited sponsorship. I imagine this project means
>>>>>> something personally to the core team, so those risks should be
>>>>>> considered.
>>>>>> - Eric
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