[OpenWrt-Devel] Changes in support for Mikrotik RB493G

Russell Senior russell at personaltelco.net
Tue Dec 11 15:24:52 EST 2018

>>>>> "W" == W Michael Petullo <mike at flyn.org> writes:

W> Changes in the last year or so have left me a little confused with
W> the OpenWrt support for the Mikrotik RB493G. I generally compile my
W> kernels and root disk images myself, namely by running "make
W> menuconfig" and "make" in an OpenWrt source tree. I then go on to
W> install the built artifacts by booting my router using TFTP and so
W> on.

W> [...]

W> I suppose I am surprised that the OpenWrt build process does not
W> build an UBIFS image as it does with tar.gz, ext4, and squashfs
W> images. Am I missing something?

In recent master branch, you can use sysupgrade. I scp the file,
to /tmp and run "sysupgrade -v -n" with that file.

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