[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH] brcm2708: add squashfs rootfs image

Christian Lamparter chunkeey at gmail.com
Tue Apr 24 10:59:34 EDT 2018

On Dienstag, 24. April 2018 13:29:17 CEST Stijn Tintel wrote:
> On 27-03-18 20:42, Christian Lamparter wrote:
> > This patch adds a image with squashfs as the root filesystem.
> > A rootfs_data partition will be generated on the first boot
> > and placed inside the rootfs partition (just after the squashfs
> > image).
> >
> > advantages:
> >  - it is possible to migrate from an existing -ext4
> >    installation and back via sysupgrade.
> >  - existing partition layout will not be lost.
> >  - slightly smaller image size.
> >  - support for attendedsysupgrade
> >
> > disadvantages:
> >  - needs f2fs + tools as well. This is because fs-tools decides on the
> >    blocksize of the sdcard. So either f2fs or ext4 can get choosen as
> >    the rootfs_data filesystem (depends on the size of the root partition).
> >  - rootfs_data is placed into the rootfs partition. This makes
> >    it difficult for tools that expect a /dev/mmc0pX device.
> >    It also makes it difficult for data recovery tools since they
> >    might not expect to find a embedded partition or will be
> >    confused.
> >
> > For people with existing build configurations: make sure to include mkf2fs
> > and f2fsck package into the image... Otherwise the new -squashfs image will
> > boot of a ram-overlay and won't keep the configurations after a reboot.
> >
> Tried to sysupgrade one of my RPi0W from ext4 to squashfs, and it
> appeared to work at first, until I rebooted it again. Apparently the
> overlay is completely missing, the SD card only has /boot (FAT32) and /
> (squashfs). Can you please look into this?
I think know the problem. The commit-message mentions it and the symptoms
you are describing would fit. But just in case: can you please provide the
image's diffconfig (or full-config ... and I guess a bootlog wouldn't
hurt either - but it would be optional) to confirm?

(I also tested it again on an uptodate "OpenWrt SNAPSHOT, r6759+2-9e848f901c"
with my rpi-b - which should be in the same family/subtarget as your RPi0W so
I can try your generated images as well.)

> If you can get it resolved I will merge the patch.
The original issue [0] has been addressed by this patch [1]. And indeed
the luci-app will now successfully generate a image (currently, only for the 
rpi-3 though!):
and install it.

this patch is therefore no longer necessary since it the existing ext4
images work as well. :) ... Plus the ext4 images don't confuse tools and
brains as much.


[0] <https://github.com/aparcar/attendedsysupgrade-server/issues/88>
[1] <https://github.com/aparcar/attendedsysupgrade-server/commit/d477a87db41ae1e44325acf22fd4cb37d269f8b9#diff-b7368b46572bf04e88e8fcd94d072a1d>
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