[OpenWrt-Devel] Ideas page for GSoC 2017

Andreas Bräu ab at andi95.de
Tue Jan 31 03:04:44 EST 2017

Hi there,

it’s great we got so many ideas so far for this year! Thank you all for
your support!

On some ideas I saw they had possible mentors, but no contact details
like mail. Contact details are necessary, so students can get in touch
to create and refine their proposals.

Can you please add your contacts to the ideas or to the more general
project description? You could also create a site for your wiki user and
add information there.

Thank you


Andreas Bräu

XMPP: andibraeu at jabber.weimarnetz.de <xmpp:andibraeu at jabber.weimarnetz.de>
Twitter:@evAltenberga <https://twitter.com/evaltenberga>
Blog:https://blog.andi95.de <https://blog.andi95.de/>

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