[OpenWrt-Devel] Loss of connectivity on ADSL reset

Hans Dedecker hans.dedecker at telenet.be
Thu Jan 12 16:24:06 EST 2017

On Thursday, 12 January 2017 10:24:45 CET Tim Coote wrote:
> Hullo
> I’ve tried this request to openwrt-users and got no response, so I’m trying
> the developer community in the hope that you’ve got a deeper understanding
> of how openwrt should work.
> I keep losing my openwrt router’s IPv4 configuration when my ISP bounces the
> link to my home.
> I’m using commit 1a7b132013 (Jan 9 2016)
> My ISP link is over ADSL. I have a dsl modem attached to the phone line and
> a WRT1200 attached to that, which connects with pppoe. I’m trying to run
> homenet, so I’d like to have the WAN interface controlled by homenet
> (hence, I’m avoiding interfaces called ‘wan’ or ‘lan’ to avoid them being
> treated as ’special'). Based on advice that I cannot immediately put my
> finger on, I’m using these stanzas to set up the WAN links:
> config interface 'e0'
> 	option ifname 'eth0'
> 	option proto 'pppoe'
> 	option username ‘<login username>'
> 	option password ‘<login password>'
> config interface 'e0ext'
> 	option ifname 'pppoe-e0'
You need to configure the ifname as an aliased interface of interface e0; eg 
option ifname @e0

> 	option proto 'hnet'
> 	option mode 'external'
> 	option _orig_ifname 'pppoe-e0’ # I think that this line is redundant.
> The idea is that e0ext is ‘stacked’ on pppoe-e0 (the interface name from
> e0).
> The configuration works most of the time. Until the link bounces. What seems
> to happen is that pppoe is torn down when the link is reset, and then
> rebuilt correctly. However, the interface e0ext does not seem to receive
> any notification of the link coming back up (I’m assuming that’s how things
> are supposed to work).  Hnet is designed to keep the ipv6 links up in the
> event of loss of internet, so I’m assuming that this doesn’t require
> notification of link restoration.
> I’m guessing that the events on the links/interfaces should be propagated
> through ubus (?)
> If I use ubus to take down e0, e0ext is disabled, but on sending up to e0,
> e0ext stays down. An explicit up to e0ext creates this error (from ubus
> call network.interface.e0ext status):
> root at OpenWrt:~# ubus call network.interface.e0ext status
> {
> 	"up": false,
> 	"pending": false,
> 	"available": false,
> 	"autostart": true,
> 	"dynamic": false,
> 	"proto": "hnet",
> 	"data": {
> 	},
> 	"errors": [
> 		{
> 			"subsystem": "interface",
> 			"code": "NO_DEVICE"
> 		}
> 	]
> }
> Am I missing something from the configuration, have I stumbled upon a bug,
> or do I have to live with rebooting the router ~once per week?  (and am I
> posting to the right group?)
> cheers
> Tim
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