[OpenWrt-Devel] New LuCI Theme: Darkmatter

chrono chrono at open-resource.org
Tue Jan 10 01:26:35 EST 2017

> If anyone else is looking for another alternative to bootstrap and 
> material
> luci themes, then please check out and try:
> https://apollo.open-resource.org/mission:log:2017:01:08:darkmatter-a-new-theme-for-lede-openwrt

Thanks to all who spread the news and tested darkmatter, providing
valuable feedback via mail, on the forums and as GH issues.

The biggest problem was obviously dependency management and generally
building/installing with anything above 15.05, because I fatally based
it on the old OpenWRT feed structure, taken from luci-theme-material.

The Error was to use https://github.com/LuttyYang/luci-theme-material
as a template to have something to start with instead of

This has changed with


I haven't tested trunk yet, since atm I've got only a couple of
gl-inet ar300m (nand) to be used as test devices.

Could anyone look into using the patches from
with trunk or at least give me some pointers about
the correct way to apply it to trunk?

I'll try do prep an older gl-inet 6416, which should build with both 
trunks in order to have a bleeding edge test facility or we get the 
for the ar300m nand images in, whatever comes faster :)

So, if you wanted to try it, but had it fail during building or 
please try again (docs have been updated) to iron out the biggest issues
first, then optimize a little more and prep a PR for upstream merging.
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