[OpenWrt-Devel] luci issue with bleeding edge

Arend Van Spriel arend.vanspriel at broadcom.com
Mon Feb 13 04:00:36 EST 2017


I am trying to setup a openwrt environment for bleeding edge following
instruction here [1]. However, the build process gets stuck on luci-base:

make[3]: Entering directory
install -d -m0755 /bin
install -m0755 src/po2lmo /bin/po2lmo
install: cannot create regular file '/bin/po2lmo': Permission denied
make[3]: ***
Error 1
make[3]: Leaving directory `/opt/arend/openwrt/feeds/luci/modules/luci-base'

Looking in the Makefile there I see:

define Host/Install
        $(INSTALL_DIR) $(1)/bin
        $(INSTALL_BIN) src/po2lmo $(1)/bin/po2lmo
        $(INSTALL_BIN) $(HOST_BUILD_DIR)/bin/LuaSrcDiet.lua

So apparently $(1) is empty, but no clue why. Anyone observed this
before and more importantly do you have a fix for it?


[1] wiki.openwrt.org/doc/howto/buildroot.exigence
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