[OpenWrt-Devel] Need a hostapd with disable_dgaf

Rahmadi Trimananda rtrimana at uci.edu
Tue Apr 4 11:35:26 EDT 2017

Hello All,

I am trying to set up my /etc/config/wireless with disable_dgaf, but it
seems that UCI doesn't support this option for now?
I tried to hack the hostapd.sh to output disable_dgaf=1 in hostapd.conf
generated by netifd, but my hostapd failed to run. It says in the log file
that disable_dgaf command is not recognized.

I am using OpenWrt Chaos Calmers on my system so the hostapd version is
2.5-devel. And I am using WPA-PSK2 Personal encryption.

Could anyone help me with a hostapd version that has disable_dgaf? AFAIK,
this is enabled when the binary is compiled with the option for Hotspot
2.0. I am assuming the default hostapd wasn't built with this option?

Thank you all!

Kind regards,
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