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Wed Sep 28 09:09:00 EDT 2016

Hello Valent,

Am Wed, 28 Sep 2016 13:25:20 +0200
schrieb "valent.turkovic at gmail.com" <valent.turkovic at gmail.com>:

> Github has become de facto standard for contributing to open source
> projects, so no matter if you hate it or love it, this is just now the
> new norm.
> Going against the "norm" is seen by potential contributors as building
> barriers for contribution.

I am not sure to which part of Felix reply you are responding, but anyway ...

Paul Boddie wrote a good article about using "walled gardens" in the context of
Free Software (in the context of the python community):
For me it feels reasonable to welcome contributions through the infrastructure
of an external commercial entity (github). Insisting on its solely usage sounds
rather short-sighted to me.

Back to the topic:
Having a discussion about a suitable hosting is perfectly fine, while the
decision is surely at the discretion of the maintainers (ubus: Felix?).
Felix described his specific reasons why he considers the current hosting to be
suitable for this piece of software.
Thus I am confused that you are referring to your personal perception of the
current "norm" of development instead of arguing within the scope of this
specific project.

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