[OpenWrt-Devel] How to merge/combine more than one mtd partition for storage?

J Mo jmomo at jmomo.net
Thu Sep 8 21:14:36 EDT 2016


I have a device which has a 256MB SLC NAND flash for storage. It uses a 
redundant pair of 64MB UBI partitions. Then it has 108MB of completely 
unused non-partitioned space at the end of the NAND.

I would like to combine these partitions so that I can use the combined 
236MB of NAND space.

Any suggestions on how I should do that?Are there any existing examples 
of devices which do anything similar?

Basically I want to RAID0 these things.

One of the 64MB partitions is non-continuous with the other two. The 
other 64MB partition is right in front of the remaining 
unused/unpartitioned area, so we could just combine them in the DTS or 

Here is what the partition table actually looks like:

No.: Name             Attributes Start             Size              ;   
   0: 0:SBL1           0x0000ffff              0x0 0x40000  256KB       
;   1
   1: 0:MIBIB          0x0000ffff          0x40000 0x140000  1.4MB       
;   2
   2: 0:SBL2           0x0000ffff         0x180000 0x140000  1.4MB       
;   3
   3: 0:SBL3           0x0000ffff         0x2c0000 0x280000  2.4MB       
;   4
   4: 0:DDRCONFIG      0x0000ffff         0x540000 0x120000  1.2MB       
;   5
   5: 0:SSD            0x0000ffff         0x660000 0x120000  1.2MB       
;   6
   6: 0:TZ             0x0000ffff         0x780000 0x280000  2.4MB       
;   7
   7: 0:RPM            0x0000ffff         0xa00000 0x280000  2.4MB       
;   8
   8: 0:APPSBL         0x0000ffff        0x53a0000 0x500000  5.2MB       
;   14
   9: 0:APPSBLENV      0x0000ffff        0x1180000 0x80000  512KB       
;   10
  10: 0:ART            0x0000ffff        0x1200000 0x140000  1.4MB       
;   11
  11: rootfs           0x0000ffff        0x58a0000 0x4000000  
65MB        ;   15
  12: 0:BOOTCONFIG     0x0000ffff        0x5340000 0x60000  393KB       
;   13
  13: 0:APPSBL_1       0x0000ffff         0xc80000 0x500000  5.2MB       
;   9
  14: rootfs_1         0x0000ffff        0x1340000 0x4000000  
65MB        ;   12

0x98a0000 to 0xfffffff is apparently unused

APPSBL = u-boot. BOOTCONFIG is very important and can not be moved.
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