[OpenWrt-Devel] Is there a way I can restore balance to the force?

Daniel Dickinson openwrt at cshore.thecshore.com
Sun Oct 23 23:01:02 EDT 2016

Hi OpenWrt Developers,

I've obviously done a lot of damage when I was dealing with the result
of workplace issues combined with medical issues affecting the mind,
combined with frustration of being ignored or getting flack for patches
I tried to submit, without realistic changes that could be made to
improve them.

What I want to know is there a way I can improve the situation (I've
become disillusioned with LEDE being a true change in openness etc
rather than your suggestion of a purely political move on the part of
certain players who convinced others with good intentions), or if those
bridges are burned and I should go ahead with the fork I created (but
never got the point where I was promoting it) before the LEDE fork, out
of frustration with that status quo, and currently feel like all I did
was lose six months where I could have been making progress on a way

I'd like to think there is something I can do to help bring OpenWrt
back to viability and vibrance.  Is there?


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