[OpenWrt-Devel] openwrt: iwinfo: DFS Channels when DFS is not supported/WORLDmode

Krishna Chaitanya chaitanya.mgit at gmail.com
Tue Nov 29 14:23:40 EST 2016


since the commit
DFS channels are shown in the luci for user to enable independent of
whether the wifi chipset supports DFS operation in AP/STA modes?

1) Should not we check the iface_combinations (through NL80211) and
accordingly set the restricted flag?

2) The patch is somewhat incorrect. It should be, Check for NO_IR, if
it is set, then that means that AP mode is not allowed, no point in
checking for RADAR.  (country=00, both NO_IR and RADAR are set, but we
still allow the channel, but 5GHz operation in "beaconing" mode is
disabled unless we set a country code/regulatory hint is received)

If we set country code, then NO-IR flag will be cleared, but RADAR
flag remains so in that case we can make restricted=0.

Please CC me while replying, i am not subscribed to the list.

Chaitanya T K.
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