[OpenWrt-Devel] Why was libwebswocekts bumped in the for-15.05 branch?

Karl Palsson karlp at tweak.net.au
Tue Nov 8 05:12:43 EST 2016

It seems highly inappropriate to bump a package to a completely
incompatible version in the stable 15.05 branch. It was always
beaten into me that the only updates for packages in stable
branches were for point releases and bugfixes. Bumping
libwebsockets to the _very_ incompatible 2.x from the 1.3 release
that had been stable in the 15.05 branch makes no sense to me,
and I see no emails even complaining about the old version in
15.05, let alone asking for a new one.


If this is for some project of your own, please use your own
private feed instead of trampling over everyone's stable branch.
If the stable branch is too old, perhaps consider whether a new
release is due.

Re ABI compatibility:
the version you've updated from is so different it's not even
listed on the page!

Karl Palsson
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