[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH 0/8] lantiq: vr9 fxs support: Enable FXS support for VR9 based routers

Stefan Koch stefan.koch10 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 7 16:38:48 EST 2016


This patchset was created for the OpenWrt GIT repository at:

For the new openwrt Github repository at:
I have created a pull request:

I have created a patchset for the LEDE project, too.
It's already merged:

Notice: The last patch included in the pull request for the LEDE
project changes target/linux/lantiq/xrx200/config-default and must not
included into the OpenWrt tree. It conflicts with SMP that is enabled
only within OpenWrt XRX200 tree at Github.

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2016-10-04 23:16 GMT+02:00 Stefan Koch <stefan.koch10 at gmail.com>:
> This patchset is based on an earlier patchset from Eddi De Pieri.
> It was committed to the OpenWRT BB branch in 11/2014.
> For details see description of single commits.
> The patchset allows using the FXS ports
> (for analogue telephones) from Lantiq VR9 based routers.
> If the VR9 based router provides FXS ports and they shoud enabled then the following must added to the kernel command line:
> mem=[TOTALMEMSIZE-2M] vpe1_load_addr=ADDRESS vpe1_mem=2M
> To use FXS 2M of RAM are needed for the VPE firmware. The size is given by vpe1_mem.
> The available RAM must be reduced by this size using the mem argument.
> A correct load address (example 0x83e00000) for the firmware must given, too.
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