[OpenWrt-Devel] [LEDE-DEV] TR-069 for OpenWrt

Karl Palsson karlp at tweak.net.au
Fri May 27 07:55:43 EDT 2016

David Lang <david at lang.hm> wrote:
> On Thu, 26 May 2016, Delbar Jos wrote:
> > We are conscious of the fact that together with the proposals made by Felix, 
> > Luka and Wojtek we are now looking at many "competing" proposals. As a next 
> > step, we recommend to organize a workshop, at a practical location and time, 
> > where we put everything on the table and define the most appropriate path 
> > forward to the benefit of OpenWrt as a whole.
> nothing wrong with supporting many different remote management
> daemons.
> > TR-069 is a complicated remote management system and in order to make this 
> > initiative a success, we must ensure that the complexity is handled in an 
> > elegant way and with respect for OpenWrt's core architecture. More than on the 
> > protocol itself, we believe that we should focus on the architectural 
> > enhancements required to support remote management in general.
> What is it that you think is needed to "support remote
> management in general"?
> It's worth pointing out that many people are remotely managing
> OpenWRT devices, Ansible/Salt/Puppet/Chef/etc are all common
> tools for the job.

Really?  python, python, ruby, ruby.  None of those are really fun enjoyable tasks on _my_ openwrt/leded devices.  

> now, those are all tools aimed at managing Linux Servers, not
> networking gear, but OpenWRT is a server.
> So I'd suggest starting off by creating a daemon that talks
> <your protocol> and just stores the stuff it's sent in some
> simple files so that it can return the info when queried.

Did you read the intro to Delbar's mail, describing that they
already have a complete tr069 project, for managing openwrt
devices, that they want to open source, and want to collaborate
on making it more useful for all, and perhaps see if there are
common pain points that can be resolved by handling things
differently on the lede/openwrt side, rather than working around
on the tr069 side?

I think it's exciting and I'd love to hear more about it.
ansible/salt/puppet/chef have been far too heavy to run, and
openvpn servers granting remote shell access is far too tedious
for daily use.

Karl P
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