[OpenWrt-Devel] TR-069 for OpenWrt

Delbar Jos Jos.Delbar at technicolor.com
Thu May 26 19:48:42 EDT 2016

Hi all,

At Technicolor we have followed with great interest the recent proposals to enhance OpenWrt with an open source solution for TR-069 remote management. As one of the world's largest vendors of modems and routers for carrier applications, making use of OpenWrt in a significant share of our install base, we want to support this initiative in a meaningful way. Concretely, we are willing to open source Technicolor's in-house TR-069 solution and thereby contribute to OpenWrt:
 * a TR-069 protocol agent,
 * a data model mapping framework that we use to bridge the world of OpenWrt, UCI, UBUS ... with the world of TR-069, TR-098, TR-181 ... (and by extension with the world of SNMP, MIB, NETCONF, YANG ...),
 * a set of mappings.

We are conscious of the fact that together with the proposals made by Felix, Luka and Wojtek we are now looking at many "competing" proposals. As a next step, we recommend to organize a workshop, at a practical location and time, where we put everything on the table and define the most appropriate path forward to the benefit of OpenWrt as a whole.

TR-069 is a complicated remote management system and in order to make this initiative a success, we must ensure that the complexity is handled in an elegant way and with respect for OpenWrt's core architecture. More than on the protocol itself, we believe that we should focus on the architectural enhancements required to support remote management in general.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Jos Delbar & Dirk Feytons
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