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Daniel Dickinson openwrt at daniel.thecshore.com
Tue May 24 17:56:38 EDT 2016

On Wed, 2016-05-25 at 00:23 +0300, Roman Yeryomin wrote:
> > I do not plan to contribute much to OpenWrt any more and I do not know
> > if I can commit anything any more, at least it looks like I was kicked
> > from the openwrt-hackers mailing list without informing me.
> I believe LEDE didn't plan to contribute to OpenWrt from the very beginning.
> LEDE words are pretty contrary to the works.

I disagree. I think LEDE's biggest problem is that are not vocal like
me, but would rather just work on code and not talk and hence are
particularly *bad* at communicating and publicizing what they're
thinking and doing.  They're also incredibly busy people with work that
doesn't involve community openwrt/lede, which limits exactly what they
can do.

One could instance of this is the patches I thought were being ignored
and just disappearing were in fact being considered and where needed
better made to fit the project's needs - the issue was that I didn't
*know* this because Felix and John, especially, tend to 'don't talk,
just do' and so I didn't realize what was actually the case.

This is something it appears Felix and Jo, at least, are making efforts
to improve in LEDE.

> > I would like to see a reunion of LEDE and OpenWrt, so do any of the non
> > LEDE but OpenWrt core devs have any problems with the LEDE rules and so on?
> How many devs do you think it's possible to attract to OpenWrt having
> the promotion LEDE does and remembering the fact that most active devs
> went to LEDE?
> Same rules could be applied inside OpenWrt as I see it.

Let's see if any of the remaining OpenWrt devs at least publicly support
adopting them or some variation of them.  As I've said before my
impression is that LEDE-style rules are not all that welcomed (and
that's based on the interactions I saw on the private openwrt channels
when I was a developer, not just a pure outsider view; it's possible my
impression is wrong, but the toxicity described previously was in large
part negative reaction by folkds in the LEDE team to toxic comments from
at least one of the remaining OpenWrt devs; certainly it damaged my
opinion of him (although the toxicity also damaged my opinion of a
couple of LEDE folks too)).


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