[OpenWrt-Devel] rocket cwmp - open tr-069 client for embedded platforms

Luka Perkov luka.perkov at sartura.hr
Wed May 18 19:21:39 EDT 2016

Hi all!

prpl Foundation has made the invitation to propose OpenWrt enhancement
ideas which may end up funded by the same organization [1]. With this
email I'm offering to prpl Foundation to fund Rocket CWMP project -
which is the client implementation of CWMP / TR-069 protocol. Since this
is a good opportunity to further extend OpenWrt functionality I'm adding
several other mailing lists in CC and hope to initiate discussions
regarding this proposal and project.

CWMP (TR-069) [2] has a very important role both for ISP and for the
entire ecosystem with manufacturers included. The standard form of CWMP
was primarily developed for a number of Internet access devices, such as
modems, set-top boxes, VolP phones and routers. TR-069 standardizes the
wide area network (WAN) management of CWMP devices and gives Internet
Service Providers a framework and a common language to remotely
provision and manage these devices regardless of device type or
manufacturer. There are around twenty TR-* documents which mostly define
new parameters or extend the RPC (Remote Procedure Call) methods.

CWMP (CPE WAN Management Protocol), sometimes called TR-069 (Technical
Report 069), is a technical specification of a Broadband Forum designed
for remote governing of CPE (Customer Premises Equipment). Seeing that
CWMP is a standardized, text based protocol which offers a communication
between CPE and Auto Configuration Servers (ACS), it can be used between
different equipment manufacturers. 

Couple of years back I've authored the first Open Source TR-069 client
specifically targeting OpenWrt - it was named freecwmp [3]. Since then
I've learned a lot of lessons and in the company, Sartura, the team has
started developing new implementation which solves the limitations of
the old implementation.

If funded, we are going to use the budget to further improve existing
codebase and of course to clean it up and prepare for Open Source
release. In order to make this a success, we will work on the
documentation, testing infrastructure and make it easy for vendors and
hackers to use this project when needed.

I'll be making Rocket CWMP presentation on the prplwrt meeting on May 19
(tomorrow). [4] These meetings are usually recorded and published on
YouTube. I hope that will happen with this meeting as well in case
somebody is interested but is not able to join.

More information about the proposal can be found on the prpl Wiki [5]
and in the proposal documentation [6][7]. Comments are welcome!

Luka Perkov

[1] http://wiki.prplfoundation.org/wiki/OpenWrt_Funding
[2] https://www.broadband-forum.org/cwmp.php
[3] https://lists.openwrt.org/pipermail/openwrt-devel/2012-June/015655.html
[4] http://lists.prplfoundation.org/pipermail/openwrt/2016-May/000544.html
[5] http://wiki.prplfoundation.org/wiki/OpenWrt_Funding/Rocket_CWMP
[6] http://www.sartura.hr/cwmp/sartura-prpl-rocket-cwmp-public.pdf
[7] http://www.sartura.hr/cwmp/sartura-prpl-rocket-cwmp-slides-public.pdf
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